Custom Mylar Bags – White Label

Many clients have logos, artwork and ideas..however most suppliers ask for 5-10 or even 20 k minimums. We can work with you with small quantity orders and even multiple designs as low as 500-1000 pieces per design


THERE IS NOW NEW RUNTZ BAGS PRINTED ON CLEAR BAGS 7+ SIZE AND SAME AS THE ORIGINAL STICKER BAG DESIGNS. NOW COUNTING OVER 40+ RUNTZ BAGS for the Bag CATALOG/COLLECTION! Some not in the image! Bag or Bags New York ZourzLucky CharmzCertz + Certz HolloweenNero CuttMiami ZourzSharklatoCake BatterBuddha’s HandMoney Bagg RuntzSynergy Banana RuntzFrostiezMartian CandyZoursBalla RuntzPink […]

White Runtz Club Bags

Out of all rents Bags this is my first to hit the local and state to state dispenser shelves. At almost all cookies dispensaries. This white runtz / cookies bags are the most popular runtz and the first to be at retail stores since runtz brand started on the Streets in the music market and […]